Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebrate Arbor Day on April 30, 2010

What is Arbor Day?
A formal Holiday to celebrate trees and all the wonderful things tree's provide us with.  It is also a day to encourage people of all ages to plant and care for trees.
The first Arbor Day was observed in 1872, in Nebraska.
But trees have been a part of literature and history as a symbol of life.
J. Sterling Morton a journalist in Nebraska encouraged everyone to set a side a special day to plant trees.
In 1872, the State Board of Agriculture accepted this idea and delcared April 10 as Arbor day.  They offered prizes to be give to the county or person(s) who correctly planted the biggest number of trees on that day.  Over one million trees were planted in Nebraska on their first Arbor Day.
By 1920 over 45 states and territories were celebrating Arbor Day.
Today it is celebrated in all fifty states.
At one time Arbor Day was moved to April 22, J. Sterling Morton's birthday.
Today April 22 is now known as Earth Day World Wide.
Today Arbor Day is celbrated on the last Friday in April in all fifty states and Puerto Rico and some U.S. territories.  This year the last Friday in April is April 30, 2010!
To learn more about Arobr Day check out the Arbor Day Foundations web page:

Happy Arbor Day!!!!

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