Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Camping Season Drawing to a close

Fall seems to be “flying by” and winter just around the corner and the Fayette County Conservation Board Camping season is slowly coming to a close.

Both Gouldsburg Park and Gilbertson Conservation Education Area Campground bathhouse are now closed for the season. The electricity is still on and will remain on until the first significant snow fall. There are pit toilets at both locations to use so you are welcome to come and camp, cost are still the same $12.00 / night for electrical hook up sites and $7.00 / night for non-electrical hook up sites.

The “Electrifying” Maize Maze is now closed for the season.

The Petting Zoo, Mavis Conner Dummermuth Historical Building and Hart Dummermuth Historical House and area also closed for the season.

The Gilbertson Nature Center is now Open only by appointment contact: 563-426-5740 or e-mail:

Just a reminder to though who come to walk or ride the trails at the Gilbertson Conservation Education Area a large part of the park is open to public hunting and people also hunt on the neighbors ground as well. So please take a little precaution and wear a blaze orange hat, vest or both if possible so hunters can see you.

If you are hunting on park ground please do not forget there maybe others out walking or riding horses or non-motorized bikes on the trails so please before you take a shot double check what your target is and what is beyond it. Do not forget there is a 200 yard no shoot zone around any building that is occupied by people or has live stock living within it.