Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea’s = Part II

Here are some unique and some practical ideas for that someone on your list of any age you are still looking to get a gift for.

Why not get that special someone a gift of a donation to a worthy cause they believe in and /or support.  Make the donation to the organization in that person’s name, see of the organization will send out a special card or give you one to give to that speical someone. If they do not provide a spiecal card you can make one your self letting that person know they have received a gift of a donation to [for example – The Fayette County Conservation Board’s Environmental Education Program] given in their name.

Reusable Shopping Bags:
Everyone loves to and needs to shop. But not everyone has reusable shopping bags.
So why not purchase that special someone some reusable shopping bags and a gift card maybe too.
One year I purchased some plan colored canvas shopping bags. I also purchased t-shirt transfer papers that I could print onto from my color printer and some fabric paint. I then had some fun I made each person in the family a special personal reusable cloth shopping bag. It was our daughters first Christmas, so I made sure I had pictures of everyone with our daughter. Then I took the photos, scanned them into my computer because I did not have a digital camera and then using the photo programming that came with our printer/scanner I made up special pictures with words and more. Then I printed each one off onto the t-shirt iron on transfer paper and ironed them onto the shopping bags. Now for those I could not or did not have photos of them with our daughter I placed a picture of her on the bag and then decorated the bag with fabric paint. Everyone loved them and still us them today.

Gift Cards:
Gift Cards are always easy to get and give. It allows that special someone to pick out just what they want. There are even special gift cards to help them get music, down loadable books and more.

Wrapping up that special gift can be challenging. I love newspaper. It is easy to wrap with, I have lots of it around and I can reuse it or recycle it when I am done.
I also love reusable gift bags or boxes that make life easy and simple. We have gift bags and boxes we pass around and around in our family.
One year I made reusable gift bags from material. I just sewed them together with scraps of Christmas material I purchased at the store. They were a hit and have been used over and over and gone many miles from one family to the next and back to me. It has been fun to see them used over and over. The nice thing has been when they have gotten soiled I just wash them. Once one of them had a loose spot so I just sewed it up and on it went being used again and again.
We also like to open gifts in our house carefully and reusue the wrapping paper over and over.  It is fun to see how many differnt gifts can be wrapped over the years with the same wrapping  paper.  We also reuse bows and ribbon too.
You can also wrap in your speical homeade reusable shopping bags.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my two part Christmas Gift Ideas. The gift ideas I have listed are all gifts that I would love to get. Also, do remember that sometimes when one gives a gift they mean well when giving but sometime the recipient does not understand the reason behind the gift. So if you do give a different and unique gift do include an explanation so that you do not offend the recipient.

From the Fayette County Conservation Board We Wish Each and Everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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