Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fayette County Conservation Boards 2012 Camping Season Fee's

Season Passes for 2012
$350.00 for the 2012 Camping Season

Camping Season Coupon Book 2012
$150.00 for 11 nights of camping for the 2012 Camping Season

Gilbertson Conservation Education Area
Gouldsburg Park
$15.00/night with electricity
$10.00/night without electricity
$10.00/night Equestrian Camping at Gilbertson

Dutton’s Cave Park
$8.00/night with electricity
$5.00/night without electricity

Goeken Park
Twin Bridges Park
Echo Valley State Park


  1. Can you give me an address to mail a season pass payment to? And also can you tell me when the parks open for the season? Thanks!!

  2. Address to mail season pass payment to = Fayette County Conservation Board, 18673 Lane Road, Fayette, Iowa 52142

    When do the parks open for the season? This will depend on the weather, normaly mid April if all goes well.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:
    The Fayette County Conservation Board (FCCB) is always willing and able to deal with an answer any and all question we can in regards to the FCCB Recreation Area’s and Staff.

    All questions, concerns, and comments posted on this blog are printed off, read, evaluated by our staff.
    Some questions, concerns, and comments that do come to us though this blog are not posted for many different reasons.
    We are very careful with comments that come in label anonymous. It is our policy that if you have a question, concern or comment especially if it is negative than you need to talk directly to one of our staff provide your name and contact information.
    In the future if you have comments please know we do read, print, save and may or may not post them or respond to them.

    In regards to the price increase with the FCCB camping rate.
    Rates have not gone up in several years.
    It was also talked about dropping the season pass and the coupon book and only charging the nightly fee.
    If you do the math a season pass is a good deal at $350.00. If you stay for 24 nights total over the camping season at the nightly $15.00 / night with electricity you would pay out $360.00. So the season pass is still a good deal for those that like to camp a lot.
    The nightly fees at Gilbertson and Gouldsburg are now $15.00 / night with electricity.

    Camping Rules:
    If you purchase a 2012 Season Pass it is only good for the 2012 Season.
    Campers who purchase one are subject to the same rules as those who purchase coupon books or pay the nightly fee.
    They are only valid in Fayette County Conservation Board Recreational Area Campgrounds.
    All campers no matter if they have a Season Pass, use a coupon book or pay the nightly fee must camp in their camper on the nights they are in a Fayette County Conservation Board Campground.
    If you know campers are not following the rules please inform the Park Ranger, Call our main office at Wildwood 563-422-5146 please let us know what park they are in, what site they are on and all information you can.
    Campers can only camp 14 days in a row in one Fayette County Conservation Board Campground.
    Campers must stay out 2 days in a row from the last Fayette County Conservation Board Campground they were in.
    Some campers for example with season passes will often start at the Gilbertson Conservation Education Campground say 14 days, pull out and go to Gouldsburg Park Campground and stay 14 days and go back and forth all summer. Some will just go some where else for 2 days and then come back for another 14 days in a row.
    Again if you feel someone is violating this rule please contact our main office at Wildwood at 563-422-5146.

  4. I agree the season pass is a GREAT deal. Thanks for keeping it in place this year!! I will be purchasing mine yet this week. We can't wait to get out and "Go Camping". I do like the idea that all campers must follow the same set of rules. In the previous year I don't think that may have happened. But now we have contact information to report violations.

    Faye Stewart, Oelwein

  5. Deena Smock, OelweinMarch 18, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    can you explain why several responses and questions have not been posted to this link? People have the right to know your responses to thier questions right?

  6. To Deena and others whom have sent comments to this blog. As stated before the Fayette County Conservation Board does read all comments that people send to this blog.
    We do not post all of comments because many are sent without a name or have a name but we do not post them for many different reasons.
    If someone wants an answer to a question or comment they have tried to post here and it was not answered or posted here, than they need to directly contact Rod Marlatt, Fayette County Conservation Board Director at Wildwood Nature Center 563-422-5146. Please if no one answers the phone leave your full name, a contact phone number and why you want to talk to Rod Marlatt. Rod has the final say in what comments are allowed to be posted on the blog, answered on the blog, and more.