Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To those of you who have sent comments on the new season pass camping rates, we would like to thank you for your correspondence.

  In regards to the season pass rates, the Fayette County Conservation Board has not increased the rate since 2005.  Additionally there are very few public campgrounds that offer a season pass at all.  The cost of electricity, fuel, and maintenance has increased substantially in recent years.  It is the mission of the Fayette County Conservation Board to provide quality experience at a reasonable fee rate.  We only attempt to cover a small percentage of expenses from the camping fees.

  The maximum stay limit of 14 days at a time will remain and is in fact the limited allowed in all public campgrounds.

  For those of you who purchase a season pass at $350.00 per year, this equates to 23 days camping at Gilbertson and / or Gouldsburg Parks (figured against the daily rate of $15.00 electrical).  Your pass is of course also valid for the season in the rest of Fayette County Conservation Board's Parks.

  Potential season pass holders should consider whether or not they will camp enough to justify purchasing a pass or simply pay the nightly fees.

Again, thank you for your comments and we hope to see you in the parks.