Friday, September 14, 2012

Check out the Blog Pages Tab's

    The Fayette County Conservation Board Blog is growing and changing.  It now has several pages Tab's besides the Home Page.

    Please check the following page tabs out when you have time.

Environmental Educational Programs
    It has down loadable listing of all of the different programs the Fayette County Conservation Board Environmental Education Department has to offer.

Brochures, Informational Handouts, Maps, and Additional Resources
    This page includes but is not limited to a down loadable copy of the Fayette County Conservation Board Recreation Areas Brochure, a Gilbertson Conservation Education Area Brochure, Recycling Brochure, and more.

2012 Maize Maze – “The Bicycle and The River”
This pages is all about the Maize Maze, times it is open, what it has to offer, cost’s and more.

Fayette County Conservation Board’s Calendar of Programs, Events, Activities and More
    This will take you to a Google calendar check out what Fayette County Conservation Board Environmental Education Department is up to.  See what days are open to schedule a programs or acuity with us and more.

Educator’s Information Page
This page is new and offered a place for the Environmental Education Coordinator to post listings of programs set up with schools and others, Field Trip Schedules, Program Support Materials, and more.

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