Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hatching Day at the Gilbertson Nature Center 4/15/2015!

Spring is Here and New Life is Hatching!

These are some of the eggs I have had in an incubator at the Giblertson Nature Center.

Today is Hatching Day and as you can see 3 out of the 7 eggs are starting to hatch.  Two are in the pipping stage and one is slowly unzipping it self out of the shell.

I will post more photos though the day as I have time and as the chicks hatch out.
This chick has a crack now in the shell and is trying to hatch out.  You can see the crack right below the upside down number 25 that is on the shell.
This egg is pipping.  See the whole in the shell.

Pipping chicken egg.

Here are the wet hatched chicks that came out of the eggs pictured above.  They will stay in the incubator until they are all dried off and once they are dry I will put them in the brooder.

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