Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 Maize Maze

The CHC Maize Maze, ½ mile east of Elgin, is again planning to open for the 20th year on Tues.July 18. This will be the 18th year at Gilbertsons.  The theme is “AMAZING IOWA FOWL” and will promote and tell the story of the chicken and turkey, and  their  importance to agriculture since farming was started by our ancestors in the 1800”s.

The maze will be open Saturday, and Sunday, July 29 and Sunday July 30. And each weekend till Halloween. will be open Monday, Sept.4, Labor Day.

Cost is free for children age 4 and under.
Age 5 to 11- $5.
Age 12 and over cost is $7.

Free-1 dozen eggs at TICO for anyone that pays the $5 to go through the maze.

Groups any time, day or night BY APPOINTMENT.
Field trips that include the Gilbertson Nature Center, petting zoo and historical barns can be scheduled  for any time.
CALL 563-419-1133.
Web site

The maze was designed by maze master, Laverne Swenson
At the maze you can solve the maze and find 15 mailboxes with answers to questions about IOWA fowl, Iowa crops, historical places in NE Iowa and other interesting and educational facts.  Also placed in the maze are 30 pictures of chicken and turkey info, so a total of 75 things can be found if you can manage getting lost and then solving it. Field trips starting Sept.1 include picking your own popcorn and Indian corn and hearing about how corn was planted 100 years ago. This includes demonstrating old machinery used at that time.  

Maze address is 22580 A.Ave.Elgin, Iowa. At the Gilbertson center is also a fishing pond, 5 miles of hiking and horse riding trails, a nature center and farm tool museum, a camp ground and Turkey river access. Phone 563 426 5740.

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